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5 Ways to Live Yoga Off The Mat & In The World

by Nicole Manteiga |

Yoga principles and practices can be taken beyond the physical poses performed on a mat and extended into the world through various aspects of daily life. By incorporating them into every day we can integrate more inner well-being and a sense of greater connection in our lives, and experience a more peaceful and mindful existence. 

Let's explore five ways to bring the teachings of yoga off the mat and into the world, including practicing mindfulness, cultivating self-compassion, finding balance, letting go of judgment, and fostering a sense of community

  1. Practice mindfulness: Yoga teaches us to be present in the moment and to pay attention to our thoughts and actions. We can apply this to daily life by bringing awareness to our habits and choices, thoughts and intentions and making an effort to live with more presence. TIP: Watch your thoughts like you would a TV. Know you can change the channel!

  2. Cultivate self-compassion: Yoga encourages self-acceptance and self-love. We can extend these principles into our relationships with ourselves, others and the world around us. TIP: Practice speaking to yourself with kindness and treating others with compassion and empathy.

  3. Find balance: Yoga helps us find balance in the body and mind through physical postures, breathwork and meditation. We can practice finding balance in our daily lives by setting boundaries, taking breaks, and finding time for self-care. TIP: Try a 5 Min Guided Meditation every morning before you start your day!

  4. Let go of judgment: Yoga encourages a non-judgmental attitude towards ourselves and others. Try to let go of judgment and criticism, and instead approach situations with curiosity and an open mind. TIP: Imagine everyone is a baby and has a unique story that has shaped them!

  5. Foster a sense of community: In yoga, we practice in a group setting and support one another on the mat. Bringing this sense of community and connection off the mat can enrich our relationships and help us feel more connected to the world around us. TIP: Reach out to an old friend! Try to maintain a routine of checking in on the people in your circle!

Remember, yoga is a personal journey and the way you choose to bring it off the mat will be unique to you. The most important thing is to find simple ways that work for you and make an effort to incorporate these principles into your daily life to experience more joy, connection, peace and presence!