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by Mukta Being |

Mystics, thank you for your tremendous support in helping to raise funds for the global movement that is Black Lives Matter.

 With the purchase of your Mukta Cork Yoga Mats from June 7-11 we were able to raise just under $500 🙌🏽  We’re so grateful that together we’re able to humbly support communities in the small ways we can 🙏🏽 We will distribute the donations to local organizations in both Toronto & the GTA..

Of the total funds collected,
•$150 will be offered  to Black Legal Action Centre.
•$150 to the Society for the Living Foodbank.
•$100 to Black Women in Motion (Toronto-based initiative supports the advancement of Black women and survivors of sexual violence).
•$100 to BLM Toronto..

Thank you, thank you, thank you! This is why Mukta exists - to be a channel for humanity rising. So that we may connect more deeply with our truest nature, serve the world and inspire yoga —UNION — on and off the mat.

I am humbled and honored to have your support and stand in solidarity with those pushing forward the greatest civil rights movement that our planet has ever seen. Thank you to everyone taking on responsibility, accountability and initiative in the ways you can. The world needs our awakening, our compassion and our selflessness.

Together, we can.
Together, is the only way..

Sending love all ways.
xo, Mukta