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rebirth meditation

by Mukta Being |

This is r e b i r t h . 

A coming to life ... again... again .... and again. 
With every exhale we let life leave your body, with every inhale we breathe it in . 
We are in a constant state of life and death .   
With every breath, Rebirth . 

Here were are . 
Listen to the drumming of your heart beat . 
We are here, for a little while longer . 
Navigating with this body, together on this plane

Ask yourself,
What is longing to be born of you?
Of your soul?

Whatever it is, allow it.
It’s messages come from the soul of the universe and It longs to be shared.
Let us let go of the learned and inherited limitating beliefs that cage our potential. Let us have the clarity, peace and courage to live a life fully & whole.

We are living in a special time.
Of a great shift in the human paradigm - it too is in a moment of rebirth as we consciously realign ourselves and our values to health, sustainability, love, connection and global citizenship

We do this by living a conscious life. Or doing our best to.
We do this by committing to elevating humanity’s collective vibration - and caring for each other and this magical planet. It begins within.


We have been born.
This is our time.
Let go of the stress
And enjoy and celebrate the gift of each moment
Letting go of expectation and unhealthy pressures to perform to do.


Acknowledge and appreciate life as a constant unfolding and learning for your soul. Each moment perfect and making part of the journey that is you and your experience with the world. Give yourself thanks and be patient, have faith - all of life is with you, always. Flow into the present by giving thanks.

When we say thank you we Let go -for a moment- of reflecting on the past and worrying about the future. 

We say Thank You for the journey.
Thank you to You.
The people around you.
The world.
And the sacred energy that makes everything move.

Let us see the world through the eyes and heart of a child. 
With joy. With love. With imagination.
And anything is possible.

This is our rebirth.
Like the Phoenix rising from the ashes,
the butterfly emerging from its caccoon.

Say to yourself:
I am strong.
I am happy.
God/ Universe /Energy (or whatever word you use )  - is always with me.

So it is.

xo, Mukta