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by Mukta Being |

The warm Summer winds are finally upon us, and Solstice we welcome your sunny invitation to bloom in union with nature, with wide-open hearts.

2020 has been quite a ride so far. It definitely has not been easy, but oh so necessary, don't you think?

Whether we understand it or not, the world as we know it has been going through a huge shift, a great cosmic transformation and re-aligning. It's as if all the issues that lay beneath the surface of our daily life are emerging and asking us to dance. 

2020 began with the Australian wildfires, then a great global pandemic, and now the movement for greater equality among our human species. And placing human suffering aside, we believe this internal and collective shift has been long overdue. It's as if Nature is shouting out to us, pleading that we revisit and assess our human priorities - for the greater good of ourselves, each other,  this beautiful planet, and the generations of beings to come. 

She's asking us to do the "hard work" - to watch the consequence of human industry and excess consumption that has resulted in climate change, to sit alone with ourselves for extensive periods of time and reconnect with our essence, true nature and real priorities, and finally lift the veil of illusion on our  idea of "perfect societies". Nature reminds us there is always room to grow. 

To strengthen, enrich our understanding, connect more deeply to ourselves, each other, and the world around us and inspire a life led with love, compassion and awareness.

Thank you for persevering, for being here.