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Capital ‘C’ Cork

by Mukta Being |

Dating back thousands of years, the history of Cork can be traced to early African and Mediterranean usage in tombs, sandals, and our trusted old wine bottle stoppers. The history of Cork paints a beautiful story about how societies transformed one mother nature’s gems into a multipurpose tool. As a sustainable raw material, Cork has been a favourable alternative for eco-friendly products including our premium designed Cork yoga mats!

Where does it come from?

The Cork oak tree is native to southwest Europe and northwest Africa. The Cork we use is harvested from the bark of the tree and usually occurs when the tree is between 25-30 years old. After the first cycle the tree becomes harvested every 9-14 years. As a renewable and sustainable practice, harvesting bark does not harm the tree. Cork regenerates itself through each cycle which allows the tree to live between 100-300 years.

Environmental Sustainability

Cork is completely natural and environmentally friendly. The material is 100% biodegradable and can be recycled without releasing any toxins. The process of harvesting Cork actually removes carbon out of the atmosphere by converting the carbon into energy for its own growth. The versatility and sustainability of Cork material allows us to minimize our carbon footprint as far as possible.

 Portugal is the largest Cork exporter in the world, the Cork Oak is the country’s national tree and has been protected by law since the 13th century. Cork harvesting is an integral employment source for both regional and rural workers. This practice ensures the survival and prosperity of local communities while protecting mother nature’s resources. Many communities have found creative and innovative ways to develop Cork products for various life purposes.


Health and Safety Benefits

Products made from cork, have a variety of health benefits including antimicrobial properties. Cork's natural properties keep mildew, mold, and harmful insects at bay while limiting the absorption of dust and toxins. 


Durability and Strength

Cork is known to be super resistant against cracks and has an impressive ability to maintain its structure. For the coastal yogi or sweaty practitioner, Cork grip increases with moisture. This allows us to freely engage with deep practice without needing a towel. You can take your Cork yoga mat virtually anywhere like the beach, under the rain, or sweat it out during a hot yoga session without slipping or wearing it down. Cork is beautifully long-lasting! 

As we discover the wonders of Cork, the possibilities are endless. Cork has stood the test of time and continues to amaze us with its dynamic energy. Thank you for choosing Mukta as your sustainable yoga mat!